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USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH) raises awareness regarding global development alliances and partnerships (gda/p)

USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH) organized a workshop on Global Development Alliances and Partnerships (GDA/P) on July 20, 2012 at the Hotel Laïco in Ouagadougou. Sixteen participants from public and private sectors, Foundations and local governments attended the workshop. It allowed the participants to best understand USAID WA-WASH GDA/P goals and approach.

Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, USAID WA-WASH Regional Director welcomed the participants. He presented the Program funded by US Agency for International Development for $29 million and implemented under the leadership of the Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS), Florida International University.

In his presentation, Jacques-Edouard Tiberghien, BPD’s Program Officer defined partnership, and noted that many partners do not take time to study well the partnership in which they are going to be engaged. Consequence, after the signing, several partners are disillusioned. He therefore exhorted the participants to seriously negotiate the goal, objectives of their partnerships and the resources needed to ensure success.

Ousseini Yéyé, USAID WA-WASH Deputy Director in charge of Global Development Alliances and Partnerships, defined the concept of GDA/P. He listed the immediate expected results of a GDA/P which are: to give more impact to partners’ interventions,toprovide more visibility to partners’ actions on the ground, to create more business opportunities for the partners, topromote conditions for good governance to the benefit of communities, and to show the partners’ goodwill.

Many of the participants stated the motivation and interest of their organizations to enter in partnership with USAID WA-WASH, and discussed how they could organize their interventions, what complementary actions and which types of resources are necessary for the implementation, what GDA offers to their organizations, and the most important principles for a successful partnership. Vision, transparency, flexibility and synergy were key words in the responses provided.

From this workshop, it appears that Burkina Faso offers good opportunities for GDA and Partnership development. Most of the participants indicated their willingness to develop collaboration programs with USAID WA-WASH. Two of them, the National Lottery and the National Social Security Agency, already committed to contribute to specific projects through a GDA.

In conclusion, Dr. Boukerrou stressed that USAID WA-WASH GDA/Partnership goals/objectives are geared towards supporting and enhancing the local countries development programs.