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USAID WA-WASH Program trains local artisans in manufacturing the multi-family rope pump in (Koudougou).

USAID WA-WASH Program, through its partner WINROCK International, held a training workshop on December 10-16, 2012 in Koudougou, Province of Bulkiemdé, Burkina Faso in manufacturing multi-family rope pump for artisan welders in its intervention areas. The training was attended by four (04) welders, two (02) of a welding shop in the area of Boromo and (02) others selected in the Koudougou area.

The training was provided by two (02) consultants, Mr. Sani Mahaman RABO from Niger and Mr. Lassané ZONGO from Burkina Faso. Considered by the project as a serious alternative for sustainable access to drinking water by rural households, the multi-family rope pump allows communities to sustainably improve the quality of well water for consumption. The training has been very active, participatory, and punctuated with theoretical and practical phases. It ended with a test related to a pump installation on a well in the village of Tiogo-Mossi, one of the intervention villages of the WA-WASH project in the Boulkiemdé province.

According to participants, the training was of great interest, given the skills it provided them. This is particularly true for Adama KONATE, head of the welding shop in Boromo. He said even though he had apprehensions, he no longer doubts in his ability to master the learned technology which is new to him. Feeling reassured and able to apply the acquired knowledge at the end of the training, he added: “I am happy and confident in my ability to make available to my future clients quality pumps to help them solve their drinking water issues.”

For Elie KABORE, head of the welding shop in Koudougou, “pumps are simple and effective. The key is to use the good raw material that was shown to us. This material is available everywhere. In addition, with the different templates put at our disposal, it makes our work easy.”

This training session is a first in the implementation of the USAID WA-WASH program, especially of its water component. It is also within the scope of the application of the Multiple Use Service (MUS) approach to ensure services of multiple uses of water.

The trainers said they were satisfied with the trained artisans, seeing their great motivation and enthusiasm during the theoretical and practical sessions. They are also confident in their ability to play  their part in the implementation of the project. However, they suggest a periodic monitoring to make sure of the good quality of the rope pumps that will be manufactured at each welding shop.