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USAID WA-WASH equips young graduates to enter WASH workforce

Geared toward graduate students and young professionals, the USAID WA-WASH internship program administered by Florida International University aims to contribute to building a skilled workforce for the WASH and other professional sectors in West Africa. The program matches interns with USAID WA-WASH technical and administrative staff as well as with partner organizations who provide meaningful work assignments designed to prepare the interns to begin their careers. Graduate student interns also receive guidance on their research topic.

Aquatabs: a low cost solution for safe drinking water in Niger

In rural areas in Niger, many communities lack access to safe drinking water. Even in communities where potable water is available, it often becomes contaminated during transportation to the home or during storage. The consumption of contaminated drinking water causes diarrhea and other waterborne diseases, which account for 14% of child deaths in Niger[1], or about 15,000 per year[2].

Boukary Ilboudo’s rehabilatated well in Oueglega (Burkina Faso).

Mr. Boukary Ilboudo, is a household chief in Oueglega, Province of Kadiogo, Burkina Faso. He owns a well, built by his father 52 years ago. Each dry season, most of the wells in Oueglega dried up except few ones, including Ilboudo’s. During that time it is a habit for many households to fetch their drinking water from Mr. Boukary Ilboudo’s well. Unfortunately, the well was not covered and its interior was collapsing.

WINROCK interventions in Koukouldi: the rope pump, an innovative and accessible technology to rural communities for improving access to drinking water

Koukouldi is one of the intervention villages of the USAID WA-WASH program. It is attached to the rural commune of Ténado located in the province of Sanguié, Centre-West Region of Burkina Faso. Its population is estimated at 6 055 inhabitants, or 2 842 men and 3 213 women distributed into 998 households. The main activities carried out in this village are agriculture, livestock and market gardening.

Pride and dignity re-found: a real success story

Maurice Baboré BADO is a native resident of the village of Koukouldi, Province of Sanguié in the Center West Region. He is an evangelical pastor in a village about twenty kilometers from Koukouldi. He is amongst the first four people to take ownership of the rope pump and now has a drilling well where his family and neighbors draw drinking water. Before the existence of this pump, Maurice experienced serious difficulties and worries.

When women encourage family investment for access to drinking water

Mrs. Laurentine KANZYOMO is a housewife and mother of four children. She is part of the Comité Villageois de Développement (CVD) of the village of Koukouldi, Province of Sanguié. She initiated a request to install a rope pump on the traditional wells her family and neighbors were using to draw water.  Although the pump is in the process of being installed, Laurentine tells us about her hopes and her freedom from the burden of fetching water.

Winter onion “prema 178”: a new variety of seed to increase the incomes of vegetables growers in USAID WA-WASH nine intervention villages.

Winrock organized on May 31 in the commune of Tanghin-Dassouri, Centre region, Burkina Faso, a training on a new variety of onion called “winter onion” or Prema 178. The training gathered nine lead vegetables growers from the nine villages. The objectives were (1) to let the growers discover the benefits derived from this new product and (2) to create interest in using the winter onion.

Gender capacity building in the wash sector in Tamale (Ghana).

Building capacities of the stakeholders in the WASH sector is part of the implementation of the USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH). In this context, the USAID WA-WASH program initiated and conducted a workshop on the gender mainstreaming in WASH interventions for sustainability. The workshop was organized by CARE International and Winrock International, from May 27 to 29, 2013 in Tamale, Ghana.

An example to follow

BAGO Boubié Bernardin, chief of household in the village of Koukouldi is a beneficiary of a rope pump promoted by Winrock in its areas of activity. With the test phase of this technology in Koukouldi, Mr. BAGO has been chosen to receive the first pump installed as a sample. Currently, he is positioned as a model in the fight for drinking water for everyone in his village. We met him on May 24, 2013 at his home under a palaver tree and we have collected his feelings for you.


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