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USAID WA-WASH GIS Department Interns’ Experiences collecting PoU information in three intervention regions in Burkina Faso

Asmao Kabore, Ismaila Ilboudo, Romaric Koughuindiga and Yaya Malo are interns at USAID WA-WASH Department of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Food Security. They have 6 to 9 months of internship and they conducted a survey related to Point of Use (PoU) Information Collection in three USAID WA-WASH Intervention regions in Burkina Faso. This assignment has given them practical and professional experiences.

Yaoua Labelle Armelle Koko: the first intern of USAID WA-WASH to defend her thesis for a Bachelor’s degree in project management

Ms. Yaoua Labelle Armelle KOKO is one of 13 students preparing their theses at USAID WA-WASH Regional Office. She has completed her internship at USAID WA-WASH in the Monitoring and Evaluation department. Ms. KOKO has come from Côte d’Ivoire and was attending a high school named the “Institut Supérieur d'Informatique et de Gestion” (ISIG) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

USAID WA-WASH to treat water at household level for the populations of three regions in Burkina Faso

The USAID WA-WASH Program officially launched its water treatment Point of Use (PoU) activities on April 8, 2013, in the commune of Tanghin-Dassouri, Région du Centre of Burkina Faso. This activity costs $532,827, an equivalent of 266,000,000 CFA, is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and a contribution from the National Lottery of Burkina Faso (LONAB). The launching ceremony was headed by Mrs. Mamounata BELEM/OUEDRAOGO, the Burkinabe Minister of Water, Hydraulics, Planning and Sanitation with the presence of H E.

Closing the learning loop: the case for a water monitoring framework

International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) is in charge of the Triple-S / District Sustainability Model component of the USAID WA-WASH program in Burkina Faso.  As part of its strategy to improve water services sustainability under the Program, IRC has succeeded to set up rural water services monitoring as a top priority on the agenda of Ministry of Water for 2013.

USAID WA-WASH and LONAB hand-in-hand for improving communities well-being in Burkina Faso

USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH) signed a partnership agreement with the National Lottery of Burkina Faso (LONAB). The signing ceremony was held Friday 22 March, 2013 at the Joly Hotel in Ouaga 2000, Province of Kadiogo, Burkina Faso. The signing ceremony was presided by Mr. Dramane KONE, the Technical Advisor of the Burkinabe Minister of Economy and Finances in the presence of Mrs. Janet TRUCKER, USAID Director; Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, USAID WA-WASH Regional Director; and Mrs.

Multiple–use water services meet local needs for clients and create jobs for local private enterprises

Multiple use water services (MUS) is an approach for planning and designing water services that addresses not just one aspect of people’s water needs – such as drinking or growing crops – but the range of people’s domestic and productive water needs. Winrock International is implementing the MUS component of the USAID WA-WASH program and simultaneously supporting the value-chain for water-related products and services so that Burkinabé clients will have access to affordable water solutions adapted to their context, not only now but long into the future.

Training of decisions makers on integrating climate change adaptation into development strategies

 The USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH) continues enhancing capacities of actors of its interventions domains. Indeed, the program held from May 27 to 29, 2013 in Tamale, Ghana a workshop on this “Integrating climate change adaptation into development strategies”. The workshop was conducted by the WA-WASH implementing partners Florida International University (FIU) in collaboration with Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA).

Conservation farming: a technique taught to local producers of the rural commune of Tanghin-Dassouri (Burkina Faso).

How to deal with climate change in order to have a food security in Burkina Faso? To respond to this problem, WINROCK International, a USAID WA-WASH implementing partner, conducted a field the locality of Tanghin-Dassouri, Province of Kadiogo, Burkina Faso from February 18-21, 2013. Participants in this training were WINROCK’s extended field workers on the ground.

USAID WA-WASH builds capacities in the field of climate vulnerability and capacity analysis in Wa (Ghana).

On February 18-21 2013, the USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (USAID WA-WASH) organized a workshop in Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana. The main theme of the workshop was “Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis” It was conducted by CARE International, an implementing partner of the USAID WA-WASH Program, with the collaboration of Florida International University. This training was addressed to representatives of organizations involved in the USAID WA-WASH Program implementation, as well as local NGOs.

Traditional wells improvement training in Koukouldi, and Oueglega (Burkina Faso).

After the training of welders on multi-family rope pumps manufacturing for domestic use organized on December 10-16 in Koudougou, USAID WA-WASH partner, WINROCK International in charge of Multiple Use Services (MUS), trained additional artisans in its intervention areas. The trainings which sought to improve traditional wells, was organized in the village of Koulkouldi, Province of Sanguié on January 19-25, 2013, and in the village of Oueglega, Province of Kadiogo from January 27, 2013 to February 2, 2013. The improved wells are now used in market gardening.


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