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USAID WA-WASH organizes a training workshop on climate change for parliamentarians in Accra (Ghana).

Event Date: 
Jul 30, 2015 to Jul 31, 2015

From July 30 to 31, 2015, USAID WA-WASH will organize a training workshop  on opportunities for integrating climate change risk and adaptation into development strategies for parliamentarians in Accra (Ghana). Through this worshop, the USAID WA-WASH Program aims to enable members of parliament to become familiar with the terms, definitions and tools for identifying impacts, vulnerability and adaptation capacity analysis. The training will focus on:

- The axes, actions and achievements of USAID WA-WASH;

- Issues of climate change and international negotiations;

- Trends and impacts of climate change in Ghana;

- Challenges and climate change integration into development strategies in Ghana;

- Tools for assessing impacts and vulnerability to climate change;

- The role of parliamentarians in promoting the inclusion of climate change into development plans.